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Application of Interney in University Physical Education Courses: The Study of Basketball Selective Courses of National Taipei University of Technology




郭正煜(Cheng-Yuh Kuo);鐘國華(Kuo-Hua Chung)

Key Words

網際網路 ; 籃球 ; internet ; basketball



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

92年度 (上)(2003 / 06 / 07)

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279 - 290

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Chinese Abstract


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In this paper, we examine the possibility of physical education courses using internet application. We integrate the traditional basketball course with tournament competitions and use internet application as a tool to enhance the course planning. The basketball selective course of National Taipei University of Technology is studied. In this course, students team up and compete with other teams as a weekly tournament schedule. Students are trained to serve timing, recording and data collection jobs. Each player's performance are recorded and collected as statistical data. The collaboration and team spirit is emphasized. A virtual basketball classroom is performed as a webpage which provides real time report of players and teams. The goal of physical education can be achieved by presenting learning and application simultaneously.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 體育學