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Study of the Developing Trend of Recreation Education for Adolescent




魏永村(Yung-Tsun Wei);陳昭彥(Chao-Yen Chen);曾銀助(Yin-Chu Tseng)

Key Words

休閒教育 ; 狂飆期 ; recreation education ; storm and stress period



Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

92年度 (上)(2003 / 06 / 07)

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629 - 637

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Chinese Abstract

國民中小學九年一貫課程暫行綱要未明確將「休閒教育」列入重大議題,但在後現代化的社會裡,休閒活動已成為人類生命週期中重要且必要的元素。青少年是家庭及社會的希望,但整個社會的變化及發展,似乎都不利於青少年擁有一個較健康的成長空間。休閒教育所要扮演的角色不僅是有關休閒觀念的啓迪以及休閒活動的教導,更要導入終身學習的概念。休閒教育對目前的青少年而言更有其重要性,從這個時期培養他們的自我認知、休閒認知、休閒態度、休閒決定、休閒技能,將使他們的人生多采多姿。尤其青少年階段正處於「狂飆期」(storm and stress period)喜歡追尋刺激和感官式的娛樂,稍一不慎即墮入不良的休閒活動黑洞,出現偏差甚至犯罪行為。所以要擁有「精緻」的休閒文化,享受高品質的休閒生活;學校應該責無旁貸負起休閒教育之工作,社會教育機構更應編訂休閒活動之書籍印發宣傳。休閒教育培養青少年有正確的休閒意識,也將有助於社會不良休閒風氣的改善。休閒教育的加強實施將可提供他們,除了讀書以外,其它的發展空間與機會。

English Abstract

”Recreation Education” was not included clearly in the important topics in the temporary outline for elementary and junior high schools nine-year integrated curriculum. But in the post-modernized society, recreation education has become the important and necessary element in human life periodic time. Adolescent is the hope of family as well as society. However, the changes and development of the whole society seem disadvantageous for adolescent to own a healthy growing apace. Recreation education plays a role not only relate to learning the concept and activity of recreation, and to lead to the concept of life learning. Recreation education is more important to adolescent nowadays From then cultivate self cognition, recreation cognition, recreation a attitude, recreation decision, recreation skills and make their lives colorful, especially adolescents are in storm and stress period, like to search for exciting and sensible amusement, if not care enough, they will involve in vicious recreation activity black hole, and act abnormally even in quality behavior. So we must own ”Fine Quality” recreation life. School must take the responsibility for recreation education task, and the social organization should publish books to propagandize. Recreation education cultivates adolescent right recreation conceit. It helps to change the vicious recreation attitude into proper recreation activity. To strengthen recreation education in practice provides adolescent space and chance for development besides study.

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