Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Two Intersterility Groups of Ganoderma australe by DNA Sequencing

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張君玉(Chung-Yuh Chang);葉增勇(Zeng-Yung Yeh);李桂楨(Guey-Jen Lee-Chen)

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南方靈芝 ; 雜交不孕性群 ; 內部轉錄間隔片段 ; DNA定序法 ; Ganoderma australe ; intersterility group ; internal transcribed spacer ; DNA sequencing



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31卷1期(1996 / 06 / 01)

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47 - 53

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Chinese Abstract

本研究在以聚合酶鏈反應(PCR)和DNA定序法(DNA sequencing),探討南方靈芝Ganoderma australe(Fr.)Pat.種內的兩群雜交不孕性(intersterility group)的遺傳變異,並以不同亞屬的新日本靈芝G. neo-japonicum lmaz作為比較。以互補於酵母菌的rRNA基因的引子與DNA聚合酶,將rRNA基因重複單位的內部轉錄間隔片段(ITS 1、ITS 2)選殖出來。置入pGEM-T載體後,將篩選出的純系進行DNA序列分析。再以PAUP軟體,分析各樣品ITS 1、ITS 2序列的歧異度,建築樹狀演化圖。我們的結果顯示南方靈芝種內的兩群雜交不孕性已呈現顯著的遺傳分化。

English Abstract

Genetic diversity of two intersterility groups of Ganoderma australe (Fr.) Pat. (subgenus Elfvingia) was investigated by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and DNA sequencing. G. neo-japonicum Imaz. (subgenus Ganoderma) was selected for comparative studies. The DNA fragments containing internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions were amplified by using oligonucleotide primers complementary to rRNA genes of Saccharomyces cercvisiae. The PCR-amplified products were subcloned into pGEM-T vector and sequenced. Phylogenic structures constructed from analyses of ITS regions suggest that two intersterility groups of G. australe are genetically differentiated.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 生物科學
生物農學 > 動物學
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