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A Study of Domestic Sericite Materials to Improve the Compatibility of Color Inkjet Printing Paper




陳忠輝(Chung-Hui Chen)

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絹雲母 ; 數位影像輸出用紙 ; 彩色噴墨印刷適性 ; 矽土 ; Sericite ; Digital imaging output paper ; Color inkjet printing compatibility ; Silica



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5期(2005 / 11 / 01)

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1 - 21

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Color inkjet printing will be the trend of digital imaging output in the future, but its paper quality should eagerly be promoted and price must be down. The traditional materials to be used for the past time was almost all dependent on input sources that resulted in a high price digital imaging output paper of color inkjet printing. This research object mainly developed the domestic raw materials-sericite which replaced the traditional materials due to its characteristic properties. Input silica was replaced by domestic sericite form 0% to 20% proportion, there are five coatings formulations were prepared. The outcome of the research found out that overall color gamut decreased, the brightness of shade area increased from 5% to 10% sericite proportion. But it initiated to turn back suddenly in 15% sericite proportion, overall brightness continued to increase, color gamut domain broadened out simultaneously. In 20% sericite proportion, the color gamut domain broadened out clearly more than 15%, and overall brightness was the most widest than any proportions. The brightness of shade area increased in proportion to the sericite which replaced silica. Color gamut domain turned back from 10% to 15% sericite proportion. High basis weight base papers were used having better color gamut domain and chromatic value and brightness than those low basis weight. Although it enhanced for brightness and chromatic value and broadened out color gamut domain via sericite in place of silica, hue shift condition always appeared. This research result finally proved the required compatibility of some high color inkjet printing of digital imaging output paper while traditional materials was replaced by domestic sericite. Further, the cost reducible profit could be approached.

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