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Effects of Grandparents and Grandchildren Intergenerational Service-Learning: A Qualitative Study




呂怡慧(Yi-Hui Lu)

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祖孫代間服務教育方案 ; 對老人態度 ; 代間學習 ; 認知轉換 ; Grandparent-grandchild Intergenerational Education Program ; the Attitudes Toward the Elderly ; Intergenerational learning ; cognitive shifting



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3期(2016 / 04 / 01)

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157 - 168

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Grandparents and Grandchildren Intergenerational Service Learning Program was an effective strategy to eliminate the elderly and the young generation stereotype, enhance understanding and supported each other. Improve the service implement ability of grandchildren and a positive attitude towards aging, and promoting health functions of elderly. The purpose of the study was to examine the effectiveness of using different intergenerational learning models on the aspects of the knowledge of aging and the attitudes toward the elderly for Grandchildren. The methodological approach taken for this study was mainly action research-based including classroom observation, text analysis, and interviews. Refer to the promotion degree of participants' knowledge and student's in-class reflection, exploration of learning effect and cognitive shifting. Grandchildren join the program due to school asking. But go through the interaction process, Grandchildren comprehensible elders' conscientious and enthusiasm. They also affected by elders' solitary and shaking hands. Grandchildren internalize their learning and self-examination, they bring up considerate, Companionship, and don't afraid, even some self-awareness, they misapprehend their Grandparents....Based on the result of this study, some suggestions were offered as references for the authorities institutions in the grandparent-grandchild education. It also recommends that school teachers can design suitable programs for students from different backgrounds.

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