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A Narrative Study on the Life Adaptation and Professional Choices of One Indivi-dual with Acquired Visual Impairment




顏姿卉(Z. H. Yan);陳振明(C. M. Chen);葉靖雲(Silvia Yeh);江秋樺(Lotus Chiang)

Key Words

後天視覺障礙 ; 生活適應 ; 職業選擇 ; 敘事研究 ; acquired visual impairment ; life adaptation ; professional choices ; narrative study



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3期(2016 / 04 / 01)

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45 - 69

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

The researcher conducted a qualitative research and used the purposive sampling to interview one individual with acquired visual impairment in this study. The participant described how his life was adapted and jobs were chosen. After the interviews, the data were typed, organized and analyzed. The results were summarized as follows: Firstly, most of the time, the participant held optimistic attitudes as usual even after his eyes got hurt in his life adaptation. Secondly, after his daughter was born, the participant's learned to take good care of his visions, and began to be more careful in economical arrangement. Thirdly, though the participant has one massage certificate, he wondered around two professions instead, to be a teacher or to be an officer hi red by the government. Fourthly, participant's staying or leaving one profession usually had something to do with the management from his direct supervisor, nothing to do with his personal abilities. The participant did not consider people with disabilities would be looked down by their bosses, when their abilities and attitudes were equal to their jobs.

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