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Contending Discourses over the Criteria for Genealogical Inclusion: the Case of the Zhu Lineage of Jingxian, Anhui


張愛華(Ai-Hua Zhang)

Key Words

族譜 ; 入譜權 ; 權力話語 ; genealogy ; Zhangxiangdu ; criteria for inclusion ; discourse analysis



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13卷1期(2015 / 04 / 01)

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57 - 85

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This paper analyzes the criteria for inclusion in a lineage genealogy, the rules governing who is eligible to be included, in the genealogies of the Zhu surname of Zhangxiangdu, Jingxian, Anhui. Different editions of a genealogy may have very significant differences in how this issue is discussed and may even be mutually contradictory. These contending positions are the product of competition between different branches of the lineage over discursive authority and the pursuit of their interests. The article argues that as lineages gradually became the basis of the social order in Ming and Qing, the genealogy transcended its original cultural function to record and promote "harmony" among the membership. Genealogies were adapted to suit the larger lineage system, serving as a mechanism for the functioning of society. The spillover effects included a new function as a population register.

Topic Category 人文學 > 歷史學
人文學 > 人類學及族群研究