理想氣體化學反應|ν_1|R_1 + |ν_2|R_2□|ν_p| P在恆溫恆壓下,反應達平衡時,反應式及反應物之符合條件的數學論證

Translated Titles

Mathematical Verification of the Suitable Condition of Reactant and Reaction Equation in Chemical Equilibrium for the Chemical Reaction of Ideal Gases |ν_1|R_1+|ν_2|R_2 □ |ν_p|P Under Isothermal and Isobaric States




劉宏雄(Hung-Hsiung Liu)

Key Words

化學平衡 ; 反應自由能 ; 反應混合熵 ; 化學計量係數 ; Chemical Equilibrium ; Reaction Free Energy ; Reaction Mixing Entropy ; Stoichiometric Number



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57卷2期(1999 / 06 / 01)

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103 - 116

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Chinese Abstract

本文在恆溫恆壓下,將理想氣體的混合堉(Δ S_(mix))對反應程度(□)的一次微分及二次微分之數學演算結果,間接論證化學平衡時反應自由能(Δ_rG)有極小值。且從反應混合情Δ_rS_(mix)=0之關係式中,推導並舉例說明反應式的符合條件是|ν_2| <|ν|≤|ν_1|且ν <0,其中唯獨|ν_2|<|ν|的反應物才能成立。

English Abstract

In this paper , we discuss that the result of mathematical exercises of first differentiating and second differentiating the mixing entropy of ideal gases with respect to extent of reaction at constant pressure and temperature. The minimum value of reaction free energy is ver ified indirectly in chemical equilbirium. On the basis of the relative formula of reaction mixing entropy Δ_rS_(mix)=0, it is derived to deduce and illustrate the fact that the suitable cond ition of reaction equation is |ν_2|<|ν|≤|ν_1| and ν<0, but only |ν_2|<|ν| of reactant is established.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 化學