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The Regularity Research of Multi-Column System's Selectivity on Reversed Phase Chromatography




理筱龍(Sheau-Long Lee);謝觀峻(Kuan-Jiunn Shieh);梁鑫淼(Xinmiao Liang);周永正(Yong-Zheng Zhou);鐘虹敏(Hong-Min Zhong)

Key Words

逆相層析 ; 多柱系統 ; 選擇性 ; Reverse Phase Chromatography ; Multi-Column System ; Selectivity



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57卷2期(1999 / 06 / 01)

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117 - 130

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This research is the study of the chromatographic separation of four kinds of compounds (alkylbenzenes , chlorobenzenes, nitobenzenes and PAHs) on three commercial columns (C_(18), C_8 and PHE), and the regularity in the reverse phase condition. This condition is studied by using the best, optimized and mutual characteristics of selectivity of each column. Results show: for non-polar or weak polar compounds of similar types which are hard to separate one should choose stationary phases of great polarity which are as large as possible. The strong polar compounds of similar types may either increase or decrease the polarity of the stationary phase when choosing another column to obtain better select ivity. The PAHs which are difficult to separate on the first column, can also be applied to another column with characteristics of different polarity, bonding numbers, or other properties different from the first column . As for structurally different samples and poorly separated on the first column, the column with the predicted different interactions with compounds, might be a candidate for the second column. In the case of choosing different polarity in the second column, as compared to the first column, but does not obtain sati sfactory separation, special mutual interaction should be considered.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 化學