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A General Chemistry Laboratory Related to Materials Chemistry-Synthesis and Characterization of V-Ba-Cu-O High-Temperature Superconductor




佘瑞琳(Jui-Lin She);劉如熹(Ru-Shi Liu)

Key Words

高溫超導體製備 ; 普通化學實驗 ; 材料化學 ; 固態化學實驗技能 ; general chemistry laboratory ; high-T_c superconductor ; materials chemistry ; experimental skills of solid-state reaction



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57卷2期(1999 / 06 / 01)

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143 - 148

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In this study, an experiment entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Y-Ba-Cu-O High-Temperature Superconductor" was designed for General Chemistry Laboratory to introduce students the experimental skills of inorganic materials chemistry. An YBa_2Cu_3O_(7-δ) high-temperature superconductor was synthesized through solid-state reaction of appropriate amounts of Y_2O_3, BaCO_3, and CuO. The asprepared product showed diamagnetism at liquid nitrogen temperature. This experiment on the synthesis of superconductor was carried out by 62 freshmen from Department of Chemistry. National Taiwan University. 97% of the students in the class could successfully synthesized the compound exhibiting diamagnetism. Questionnaire surveys revealed that most students were highly interested in this experiment which is considered appropriate to be included into General Chemistry Laboratory Courses. Furthermore, experimental techniques, such as grinding. calcination. sintering, pressing. and determination of diamagnetism were well demonstrated in this experiment.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 化學