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The Symbolization of Dragonboat- Culture and Economic Function




黄麗雲(Lie-Yun Huang)

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龍神 ; 龍舟競渡 ; 觀光 ; 龍王祭 ; 經濟 ; Dragon God ; dragon-culture ; travel ; Dragon ceremony ; economic function



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2期(2011 / 08 / 01)

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133 - 152

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The Dragonboat Festival symbolizes an ancient belief in the Dragon God. This belief reminds the people in society to reflect on the original meaning of religion (=popular religious meaning), and its social and economic function(= contests, local performances). In other words, it works in the sense of Chinese philosophical thinking: "If wind and rain are smooth, the country and people will be peaceful". The "religious meaning" in this paper refers to the Dragon’s character as a holy and magical power. On the other hand, "contests" are also part of the process of praying and of religious ceremony. It is popularly believed that by correctly guessing the winner, a spectator of the race can bestow upon himself a prosperous year ahead and that correct observance of worship would result in economic success. Today the dragon-culture in Taiwan have presented the value of Dragon God Belief as above. The most importment ceremony for worshipping anster god which be called Dragon God is hold by traditionnal or simply style on May Five in Taiwan.

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