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The Political Elites in Chiang Ching-kuo Era (1972-1988)-Take the Members of Administrative Cabinet for Example




李功勤(K. C. Lee)

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菁英 ; 內閣 ; 流徙政權 ; 本土化 ; 蔣經國 ; 孫運璿 ; 俞國華 ; 李登輝 ; 連戰 ; 技術精英 ; 革命菁英 ; Elite ; Cabinet ; Displaced Government ; Localization ; Chiang Ching-kuo ; Sun Yun-suan ; Yu Kuo-hwa ; Li Deng-hui ; Lian Zhan ; Technology Elite ; Revolution Elit



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2期(2011 / 08 / 01)

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153 - 207

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Chinese Abstract

在蔣經國主政時付(1972 年-1988 年),近16 年的歲月中,臺灣歷經蔣經國、孫運璿、俞國華三位行政院院長,前後不包括重複入閣者計算,共有54 位政治菁英。這批政治菁英延續了蔣介石時代的共同特色,是技術菁英而非革命菁英,而其中財經技術專家是內閣的核心角色,孫運璿和俞國華兩人甚至接任閣揆。從蔣經國接任閣揆開始,便有計畫的培養本省籍菁英,開啟所謂「本土化」或「臺灣化」政策,在其晚年更開啟「民主化」及「兩岸和解」等措施,不但使得一個流徙的外來政權成功的融入本地社會,也因為民主化的開放政權,相對增加了本省選民的支持率並加強政權的穩定性。相較於中國大陸的十年文革,許多優秀政治與技術菁英遭到整肅,在爾後的權力鬥爭中,「凡是派」、胡耀邦、趙紫陽等人的下臺,都使得中國大陸的中、高層政治菁英長期處在不安穩的環境之下,結果造成年齡偏高與學歷偏低的現象。而臺灣長期的政治與經濟穩定繁榮,歸功於國際局勢與這批政治菁英的表現,因此就這層意義而言,實突顯了本文研究的重要性。

English Abstract

From 1972 to 1988, Chiang Ching-kuo take charge of ROC, during the 16 yeays, Chiang Ching-kuo, Sun Yun-suan and Yu Kuo-hwa were the premier. Without counting in the number of repeat cabinet members, there hade been 54 political elites. These political elites in Chiang Kai-shek era were technology elites ,not revolution ones, besides, the financial technology experts played a key role in the Cabinet, Sun Yun-suan and Yu Kuo-hwa even take over as a premier. Since Chiang Ching-kuo became the premier, he started to lead the policy of so called "localization" or "Taiwanlization", that is, cultivating the native elites whom born and bred in Taiwan. He also led the policy of "democratization" and "Cross-strait reconciliation" in his later part of life. Such power sharing (democratization), not only made the alien regime blend in local society, but also increase the rate of support from native elector and consolidate the stability of regime. Comparatively, mainland china went through the Cultural Revolution for 10 years, many political elites got purge, in the latter, Hu Ya-Bang, Zhao Zi-Yang and their fellows fall out of power, as a result of that, the government were provided with higher age and lower educational attainment. By native political elites’ contribution and the international situation, Taiwan had become stable and prosperous for a long time. In the point of view, it foregrounds the significance of this text.

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