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A Silent Witness to Inhumanity All Around-A View of the Israel-Palestine Conflict from the Performance of West-Eastern Divan Orchestra




王賀白(Herbert Wang)

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以巴衝突 ; 對話 ; 理解 ; 西東詩篇 ; Israel-Palestine Conflict ; dialogue ; understanding ; West-Eastern Divan



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2期(2011 / 08 / 01)

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81 - 102

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Chinese Abstract

本文從薩依德的著作看以色列與巴勒斯坦的衝突。文中一方面從薩依德觀點看以色列與巴勒斯坦的衝突,藉此對比過去美國主流媒體所主導的刻板印象;另一方面則記述「西東詩篇管絃樂團」近十年的努力過程,佐以對照。事實上,《西東詩篇》是德語系作家歌德,第一次接觸非歐洲的阿拉伯、波斯文化後所寫成的詩集。1999 年猶太裔的巴倫波因與巴勒斯坦裔的薩依德,共同集合以色列與阿拉伯世界的年輕音樂家,以歌德著作為名,在德國威瑪組成的管絃樂團。然自1999 年以來,以色列與巴勒斯坦的衝突,並沒有因為1993 年奧斯陸協議而有所緩和,特別是以色列繼續的屯墾政策以及其對迦薩走廊封鎖所造成的人道危機。不過樂團仍嘗試扮演兩邊的溝通橋樑,其中2005 年在約旦河西岸的拉瑪拉音樂會演出,可稱是以、巴衝突現實下的無言見證。

English Abstract

People often took the tortuous stereotype about the Arab world in Taiwan, especially the Palestinian situation. Contrary to public image dominated by U.S. media, I try to demonstrate the real reality from the Said’s writings combining the Israel-Palestine conflict with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra rehearsals. The idea of the orchestra was conceived in 1998 in the minds of two artists and intellectuals-the Israeli Barenboim, and the Palestinian Said. They decided to create a workshop for young musicians from Israel and various countries of the Middle East with the aim of combining musical study and development with the sharing of knowledge and comprehension between people from cultures that traditionally have been rivals. The use of the words "West-Eastern Divan" refers to a collection of poems by Goethe. Goethe was one of the first Germans to be truly interested in other countries-he started learning Arabic when he was over sixty. While music will obviously not solve the Arab-Israeli conflict, it does play a role in bringing people together and allowing them to get to know one another. The only political aspect that permeates the workshop is the understanding each other. In August 2005 they gave a concert in Ramallah on the West Bank, very much in the eye of the storm. And that, in almost exactly the way Adorno had throughout his work on music insisted that, music could act as a silent witness to inhumanity all around.

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