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Jing Ke Between History and Gegend




陳特(Chen Te)

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荊軻 ; 《史記》 ; 《戰國策》 ; 〈詠荊軻〉 ; 《燕丹子》 ; Jing Ke ; Records of the Grand Historian ; poetry ; visual materials ; fiction



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36卷(2019 / 08 / 01)

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77 - 115

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"Jing Ke's attempt on Ying Zheng's life" is an important incident in ancient Chinese history. It is also a story known to many. From Sima Qian's Records of the Grand Historian, we learn that this incidentt was recorded in the annals of different states before the Qin Dynasty. In constructing the image of assassin Jing Ke, Sima Qian injected his strong personal feelings, where he presented Jing Ke as a failed hero. The biography of Jing Ke became a literary canon after Sima Qian and came to influence most of the literati. Visual materials, however, show us another image of JING Ke with their emphasis on his valor. Moreover, ancient works of fiction about Jing Ke contain more fantastic and romantic elements, which correspond to the popular taste.

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