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Using Multiple Chinese Translations of Sutras to Study the Daodi jing yinyi by Huilin and Kehong


韓小荊(HAN, Xiaojing)

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佛經異譯 ; 佛經音義 ; 佛典校勘 ; 注釋疏誤 ; multiple Chinese translations of a sutra ; pronunciation and meaning of a sutra ; correcting errors in sutras ; commentarial errors



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新5卷2期(2019 / 07 / 01)

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77 - 103

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Multiple Chinese translations of the same sutra are helpful in collating the Buddhist scriptures and understanding the sutra's meaning. Commentaries on sutras relied on available translations, but this was not done systematically. In the case of some difficult sutras, the failure to refer to all translations resulted in errors. Today, when we study ancient yinyi works on pronunciation and meaning, we should fully draw from this experience and refer to the different translations. Specifically, referring to the different translations is useful for correcting errors in passages quoting the sutras and errors in pronunciation and meaning, further contributing to our understanding of the texts. The author applies this method of analysis to the Daodi jing yinyi by Huilin and Kehong.

Topic Category 人文學 > 宗教學