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Group Decision Making Model Based on Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers-Cases on Selection of Recruiting Approaches




陳亭羽(Ting-Yu Chen);林致廷(Chih-Ting Lin)

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多準則群體決策 ; 區間值模糊數 ; TOPSIS ; 客觀權重 ; 共識度 ; Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making ; Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers ; TOPSIS ; Objective Weight ; Consensus



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7卷2期(2011 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 31

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Under complicated decision-making environment, the optimal alternative of crucial decision-making problems is determined by criteria ratings provided by multiple experts and a multi-criteria group decision-making technique. The components of a multi-criteria group decision-making method are inclusive of establishing criteria ratings, giving criteria weights, distributing expert weights and determining alternative rankings. Considering that the decision makers are incapable of offering accurate preference information due to knowledge insufficiency and time pressure, this study uses the interval-valued fuzzy numbers to quantify decision maker'sopinions. Based on the membership function which is employed to construct decision matrices and a compromise TOPSIS, a new fuzzy multi-criteria group decision-making method is developed. In addition, previous group decision-making approaches often utilize the simple arithmetic averaging operator to integrate expert subjective weights and opinions. The easy integration may result in unfair decisional outcomes owing to uneven expert weights. Hence, this study proposes objective weights based on the similarity of expert opinions, and presents a consensus to integrate subjective and objective weights. Hope the method can assist decision makers in determining the ideal alternative. In order to manifest the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method, a case on the recruiting channel selection evaluated by seven criteria of employee competency is employed. According to the results, the best recruiting channel goes to the inner recommendation. The proposed method is not only suitable for the recruiting channel selection, but also can be regarded as a convenient decision-making instrument as long as the criteria are given.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學