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Global Warming and Ecojustice




楊順從(Shun-chung Yang)

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45卷2期&46卷1期(2021 / 01 / 01)

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61 - 88

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What is justice or righteousness? How is it different from justice in the moral philosophy of Enlightenment? We must know that the moral justice emphasized in the West has its limitations, but it affects modern economic globalization. Therefore, what is justice or righteousness in the Bible? From the Old Testament to the New Testament, God is righteousness itself. From the Old Testament prophets to Jesus Christ, who inherited the righteous thoughts of the Old Testament, righteousness requires actions of caring for the weak and helpless marginalized and empowers them, thus showing God's righteous nature. And this righteousness entrusts us with the obligation to practice justice, and the pursuit of ecological justice is the theology of the cross. And this also shows to us that the Lord is a favored Lord, especially the marginalized groups including ecology. Global warming is an issue related to ecological justice. Because it is closely related to the problem of rich and poor, especially the uneven distribution of resources and its impact on ecology, we should pursue ecological justice that includes the natural world. This inspires our moral sense. Therefore, when facing the issue of climate change, we must replay the role of Christians in the world as a "prophet" in order to arouse people's awareness of climate justice, speak out for the marginalized groups, and let the government and corporate consortia take responsibility for climate change. Finally, the imagination of an ecologically just society is that all people must return to their own land and have a fair distribution opportunity. Bring all life into a righteous relationship. Man and nature have a normal relationship, and God will also come to nature. In this way, we can once again integrate the human economy into the laws of biology, understand the limitations of the earth's economy, and deeply re-moralize human manufacturing. This is the coming of a new heaven and a new earth, and the beginning of a new creation.

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