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Study on Polymer/Exfoliated Montmorillonite Nanocomposites





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高分子乳液 ; 蒙脫石 ; 奈米複合材料 ; Emulsion ; Montmorillonite ; Nanocomposite



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A series of partial and fully water-soluble monomers, including methyl methacrylate, methyl acrylate, vinyl acetate, acrylamide, and glycidyl methacrylate, were used to fabricate polymer-Montmorillonite(MMT) nanocomposite through soap-free emulsion polymerization or solution polymerization, while MMT was intercalated by potassium persulfate(KPS) initiator in advance. Due to the confined space of clay interlayer regions, the polymerizing chains were aggregated into a disk-like or irregular domain depending on their intrinsic properties. The growing domains would trigger the exfoliation of MMT, and further polymerization afforded the latex particles of Polymer-MMT nanocomposites. In addition, for fully water soluble monomer, such as acrylamide, the growing chain would also exfoliate MMT. However, they formed a hydrogel system with dispersed exfoliated MMT nanoplatelets. In brief, the exfoliated polymer-MMT nanocomposite could be fabricated from partial or fully water-soluble monomers through polymerization in the interlayer regions of MMT. In order to study the effect of dispersed MMT nanoplatelets on the properties of polymers, exfoliated poly(vinyl acetate)-montmorillonite (PVAc-MMT) nanocomposite films and crosslinked poly(vinyl acetate- Glycidyl methacrylate)-montmorillonite (PVAc-GMA-MMT) crosslinked nanocomposite films were fabricated for further analysis. These transparent smooth films performed many superior properties, such as mechanical properties, vapor barrier properties, chemical resistance and fire retardation. In conclusion, MMT nanoplatelets acted as nano-size scaffolds in the nanocomposite structure to improve physical properties.

Topic Category 工學院 > 高分子科學與工程學研究所
工程學 > 化學工業
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