產製人類肺表面張力蛋白質 B/C 基因轉殖小鼠之研究

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Generation of Transgenic Mice Harboring Human Pulmonary Surfactant-related Protein B/C Genes





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雙基因共同注射 ; 基因轉殖小鼠 ; B 型肺臟表面張力蛋白質 ; C型蛋白質 ; 乳汁 ; microinjection ; transgenic mice ; surfactant protein B ; surfactant protein C ; milk



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Chinese Abstract

3 摘要 本研究主旨在探討小鼠原核胚經雙基因共同注射後,於體外培養至二細 胞時期再進行胚移置對產製攜帶雙基因轉殖小鼠效率之影響。轉殖基因之構築 係以乳腺專一表現之牛

English Abstract

74 英文摘要 Generation of Transgenic Mice Harboring Human Pulmonary Surfactant-related Protein B/C Genes Yun-Yi Ma Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of advanced culture to two-cell stage prior to co-injected mouse eggs on pups born and transgene integration efficiency by pronuclear gene microinjection. Transgenes were constructed by using a mature surfactant protein B (mSP-B) and C (mSP-C) cDNA fragment equipped with bovine

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