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Properties of Resonance Mode in Heterostructures Waveguide Array



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光波導陣列 ; 離散薛丁格方程式 ; 週期性 ; optical waveguide arrays ; discrete Schrodinger equation ; periodic



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本篇論文利用離散的薛丁格方程式為基礎並分析光波導內的光學特性、能量傳遞分析、電場分佈、結果討論和應用。在此光波導陣列的分析結構主要分為兩種形式:第一種為雙均質波導陣列的邊界與光學特性,第二種則是將週期性波導陣列等結構嵌入在均質結構的光波導陣列中並改變波導層數以及折射率。前者是討論波導層數與傳播常數差變化對於光傳輸的影響;後者為改變波導的排列為週期性或準週期性系統並對於探討能量傳遞所造成的影響,結果會進一步在本論文中討論,以上波導陣列結構可以依據不同的排列、材料、層數的多寡決定此系統結構對於光頻譜的過濾特性有不同的效果,可應用在光整流器、光開關元件。 關鍵詞:光波導陣列、離散薛丁格方程式、週期性

English Abstract

A discrete Schrödinger equation is used to analyze optical properties such as dispersion relation, electric field distribution and the light propagation behavior under the heterostructure waveguide arrays. In this thesis, two fundamental structures, embedded heterostructure and periodic waveguide array are investigated. The embedded heterostructure waveguide array is to embedd a heterostructure inside the homogeneous waveguide arrays system, and the periodic waveguide array is to embedd periodic or aperiodic structure in homogeneous arrays. Based on the theory of discrete Snell's law, embedded heterostructure waveguide array concern the effect of guide layer number and change of propagation constant. Analysis to the periodic waveguide array focuses on the influence of the energy transport. Based on difference of arrangement, medium and number of layer of the waveguide, the filter characteristics of the light spectrum in this system can be decided, which can be apply to optical-switching and light rectifiers device. Key words:optical waveguide arrays, discrete Schrödinger equation, periodic

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