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Development of a Snake-like Robot with Flexible Connectors and Optimal Path Planning for Obstacle Avoidance





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機器人 ; 蛇 ; 路徑規劃 ; 避障 ; Path planning ; Robot ; Snake ; Obstacle avoidance



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The study develops a snake-like robot with a flexible body and also presents a novel approach to determine an optimal path for obstacle avoidance. The snake-like robot consists of five modular units. Each unit is driven by two stepper motors in a differential way and connected by springs or sponges. Ten microcontrollers are incorporated into the design of the robot and are primarily used for signal processing, motion coordination, control and communication. The purpose of path planning in the study is to find an optimal way from a starting position to a target point without a collision with obstacles. To simplify the planning process, we describe obstacles approximately by circles. Feasible collision-free paths are simply formed by lines tangent to the circles and arcs on the circles. A length comparison approach based on geometric relationship is developed to examine the length of paths and to reduce the searching space of feasible optimal paths. Consequently, the paths necessary to calculate their length for comparison with others could decrease dramatically. Furthermore, the study also proposes a windowing approach to decide the feasible velocity for the snake-like robot to move in accord from falling apart.

Topic Category 生物資源暨農學院 > 生物產業機電工程學研究所
生物農學 > 生物環境與多樣性
工程學 > 電機工程
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