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Gyro-TWT Amplifier Simulation with Time-Domain Single Mode Analysis





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磁旋行波放大器 ; 準穩態 ; 自洽解 ; 功率變化 ; 時域 ; gyro-TWT amplifier ; quasi-steady state ; self-consistent solution ; power variation ; time-domain



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Chinese Abstract

在研究磁旋行波放大器(gyrotron traveling-wave tube amplifier)的過程中, 因引入了準穩態(quasi-steady state)與自洽解(self-consistent solution)求解的方式而跳脫了電磁波放大過程中的功率變化,直接得出最終於準穩態時的輸出功率。然而若能掌握磁旋行波放大器的時域(time-domain)放大過程之功率變化,便能對磁旋行波放大器的設計更多一層的見解,也或許能利用輸出功率從無到穩定時的轉換過程設計出新的應用。 本文引入了迭代法以計算出磁旋行波放大器時域上的功率變化,基於準穩態時的自洽解作為基礎,給予假設和問題簡化,以進行迭代。

English Abstract

In the process of researching gyrotron traveling-wave tube amplifier, the power variation in the electromagnetic wave amplification process is ignored due to the introduction of the quasi-steady state and the self-consistent solution, and the final output power in quasi-steady state is directly obtained. However, if one have the information of the time-domain power variation during the the amplification process, one may have more insights into designing a gyrotron traveling-wave tube amplifier, or one may construct an new application by utilizing this power variation information. In this thesis, an iterative method is introduced to calculate the power variation during the amplification process of gyrotron traveling-wave tube amplifier in time-domain. Based on the self-consistent solution in quasi-steady state, the iteration is calculated with the help of assumptions and problem simplification methods.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
理學院 > 物理學研究所
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