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A Study of the Evaluation Criteria for Circulation Service Quality in University Libraries





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大學圖書館 ; 流通服務 ; 服務品質 ; 評量指標 ; LibQUAL+ ; University Libraries ; Circulation Service ; Service Quality ; Evaluation Criteria ; LibQUAL+



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Chinese Abstract

圖書館流通部門是面對讀者的最前線,因此流通服務品質的良窳不僅影響讀者的感受,亦攸關圖書館的整體形象,而以讀者為導向的服務品質評量可幫助圖書館瞭解讀者對現行服務的感受與意見,作為讀者與圖書館之間溝通的橋樑。鑒於有效的工具乃為衡量服務品質之必要前提,本研究以LibQUAL+®服務品質量表為基礎,融合國內大學圖書館流通服務內涵,期能建構一套適用於國內大學圖書館的流通服務品質評量指標,並且針對指標採用的評量方式提出建議,提供大學圖書館用以評估流通服務品質,進而促進圖書館重視讀者的意見並改進缺失,提升大學圖書館流通服務品質。 本研究藉由文獻分析法和訪談法建立流通服務品質評量指標草案,繼而採用問卷調查法逐步確立國內大學圖書館流通服務品質評量指標,並對98學年度「全年借書人次量」全國大專校院第一名的圖書館進行品質檢測,以針對評量方式提出建議。本研究結果如下:(1)大學圖書館流通服務品質評量指標分為四大構面三十八個項目;(2)LibQUAL+®三個欄位水準和九等尺度的評量方式不適用於國內大學圖書館,建議採以「實際感受水準」、「期望服務水準」二個欄位水準和五等尺度;(3)部分流通服務品質評量指標未獲得使用者認同的原因並非不重視,而是對圖書館服務的期待不高。 依據研究結果提出下列五項建議:(1)圖書館應持續修訂服務品質評量指標;(2)圖書館應定期實施流通服務品質評量;(3)圖書館應運用網路與紙本工具實施流通服務品質評量;(4)圖書館應重視服務品質評量指標之內容;(5)圖書館應設立多元的交流管道,使用者可隨時反應建議及抱怨。

English Abstract

The department of circulation in the library is the first place to face users; thus, the strength and weakness of circulation service has much impact on users’ impressions as well as the image of the library. The evaluation of service quality, which is user-oriented, can help the library staff realize users’ opinions. To meet the efficiency, the study integrates LibQUAL+® and the features of circulation service in university libraries in Taiwan. The purposes of this study are the following: to set the evaluation criteria for circulation service quality in university libraries in Taiwan, to offer suggestions for the measurement method. It is hoped that this study will render university libraries references of evaluating circulation service quality. This study is conducted by literature analysis and interviews to draft the evaluation criteria for circulation service quality, then by questionnaire surveys to ensure the one. This research also proposes suggestions for the measurement method through examining the quality of top one university library on “The Quantity of Annual Borrowers” in 2009. The results indicated that (1) the evaluation criteria of circulation service quality in university libraries in Taiwan contain four dimensions and thirty-eight items ; (2) LibQUAL+® , a scale of 1 to 9 in three columns levels, is not suitable for university libraries in Taiwan; the scale of 1 to 5 in two columns (perceived, desired service levels) is recommended instead ; (3) some criteria are not approved by subjects is due to their low expectations for library service rather than ignorance. According to the results, there are five suggestions: (1) The library should keep amending the evaluation criteria of service quality ; (2) The library should regularly implement the circulation service quality assessment ; (3) The library should employ the Internet and paper tool to execute the appraisal ; (4) The library should value the content of evaluation criteria ; (5) The library should build multiple platforms which enable users to express comments and complaints anytime.

Topic Category 人文學 > 圖書資訊學
文學院 > 圖書資訊學研究所
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