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Improvement Studies of Vehicle Alternator Performance



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交流發電機 ; 充電系統 ; 發電機效能 ; BSG (Belt Start Generator) Idle stop系統 ; PWM式多段控制 ; Alternator ; charging system ; generator performance ; BSG (Idle stop) system ; PWM multi-stage control



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隨著環保意識漸增,車輛油耗與排碳量於車體設計時為必須被考慮到的一重要環節,如何才能達到節能減碳的具體成果,則為車輛設計工程很重要的一個挑戰與課題,車輛由成千上萬組零組件組配而成,每一零件都有可進行效能改善及輕量化或功能再進化的項目。 本篇論文則針對車輛用交流發電機進行效能改善的研究,發電機發電效率提升及機體輕量化的改善將有助於油耗量之低減,發電量提升及噪音量低減,則可配合現今車輛配備使用需求,及提升乘車舒適性。 交流發電機進行效能改善研究,將從發電機運作原理及發電機於市場上所發生的不良履歷分析,發電機各零部件對發電機效能影響的關鍵特性為何,並比較分析各廠牌發電機設計優劣之處,研究出發電機效能(如發電量效率,散熱性能,噪音值等) 最佳化設計,達成發電機效能改善的目標。

English Abstract

Environmental awareness, less fuel consumption request and demand of less carbon emissions must be taken into account in the stage of vehicle design. Since any vehicle is integrated with thousands of components, each part has expected to be more lightweight and functional enhancement. This is indeed a great topic in the researching and development field of a vehicle. This paper is focused on the performance improvement of a vehicle alternator such as higher efficiency, larger capacity, better thermal characteristics, lower noise emitter, longer lifetime and smarter electronic control. These will conduct a refined quality of the vehicle in turn. The different stages of revolution of alternators cause from the refection of vehicle markets and principles of operation between relative parts. Through a lot of effective comparisons of different designs in different manufactures, better goals of future alternator can be achieved with such as higher efficiency, better thermal performance, low noise behavior and other optimization.

Topic Category 機電學院 > 車輛工程系所
工程學 > 交通運輸工程
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