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Automatic Parameters Identification and Auto-Tuning of Control Gains for PMAC Servo Motor Drives





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永磁交流伺服馬達 ; 參數自動鑑別 ; 控制增益自動調整 ; PMAC Servo Motor ; Automatic Parameters Identification ; Auto-tuning of Control Gains



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Permanent magnet AC motors are widely used in high-performance servo control systems for machine tools and industrial automations. The control system includes current and servo control loops. Tuning of the controllers is extremely important for these motor drives to achieve stable and fast responses. Conventional manual tuning requires skilled technician with electrical machines and control background. Increased labor cost and setup time renders a less cost-competitive control system. In this thesis, a scheme for automatic tuning of PMAC servo drives is presented. The controller produces a series of test signals to measure motor electrical and mechanical parameters automatically. Then, the gains for the required control performance are calculated and setup based on the measured parameters. Finally, in normal operations, motor mechanical parameters can be measured continuously to adjust servo controller gains for the required dynamic responses. Both the theoretical analysis and the experimental verifications are included in the thesis. According the experimental results the control systems can be setup within 7 seconds.

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