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Study on Simulation of Groundwater Table Using GPRMAX





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透地雷達 ; 地下水 ; GPRMAX 2D/3D ; MATLAB ; 非破壞性檢測 ; Ground-Penetrating Radar ; Groundwater ; GPRMAX 2D/3D ; MATLAB ; Non-Destructive Survey



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Chinese Abstract

目前非破壞性檢測(Non-Destructive Survey)使用於探測地下水的方法很多,有監測井、鑽孔、開挖與透地雷達...等。但這些方法中又以透地雷達最具有快速、費用低,為非破壞檢測最佳工具之一。但常受判讀人、事、時、地、物這五大原因而有所誤差,進而造成後續判斷上的歧見。 對此國內外專家學者發展出使用數值模擬方法,輔助增加透地雷達剖面資料準確度,也增加資料判讀解釋上之依據。本研究採用GPRMAX數值軟體對台中東勢林場的地下水位置做2D/3D的模擬,並與透地雷達剖面資料結果來做比對。 模擬比對結果顯示,透地雷達能顯示出地下水位的位置,GPRMAX模擬2D和3D結果與透地雷達剖面資料比對,其無論2D或3D相似吻合度極高。顯示 GPRMAX 2D/3D可用來模擬透地雷達檢測的地下水位置,有很高的準確度及可信度。

English Abstract

Non-destructive survey is used in groundwater detecting in many ways including monitoring wells, boring, excavation and ground-penetrating radar. Among all, the ground-penetrating radar provides one of the best non-destructive survey tools for it is quick and inexpensive. However, different interpretations occur in subsequent judgments as errors emerge due to the who, what, when, where and how involved in the judgments made. Therefore numeric simulation methods have been developed to help increase the accuracy of cross-sectional data obtained by the ground-penetrating radar as well as to improve the basis on which data interpretation is made. In this study, the numeric analysis program, GPRMAX, was used to perform 2D/3D simulations of groundwater level at the Tungshih Forest, Taichung, and the simulation results were compared with the cross-sectional data from ground-penetrating radar. The comparison showed that the ground-penetrating radar is capable of indicating ground water level. The comparison of the 2D and 3D simulation results from GPRMAX to the cross-sectional data from ground penetrating radar suggested extreme level of matching, indicating that GPRMAX 2D/3D can be used for the simulation of groundwater level as ground-penetrating radar is and provides high accuracy and credibility.

Topic Category 工程學院 > 土木與防災研究所
工程學 > 土木與建築工程
工程學 > 市政與環境工程
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