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A Study on the Output Mechanism of Borderless Printer



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無邊界印表機 ; 前星型棘輪 ; 列印平台 ; 滾輪 ; Borderless Printer ; Front Star Wheel ; Platen ; Roller



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Chinese Abstract

目前無邊界印表機已經朝向高速列印發展的階段,而列印品質的良窳將會是使用者用來判斷是否購買的重要指標之一。一般用於決定列印品質好壞的標準包括:列印速度、可靠度及穩定性。對可靠度及穩定性有著直接影響的因素之一就是出紙機構的性能。因此,要達到順利出紙、高列印品質及無邊界列印的要求,印表機之整個出紙機構的設計,就顯得相當重要。 本研究針對目前市面上販售之無邊界印表機的出紙機構以及其相關的專利,進行分析與比較,了解其設計重點、作用原理以及其優缺點。同時針對現有無邊界印表機的前星型棘輪、出紙滾輪組以及平台幾何形狀,推導分析此三者對列印品質的關係,以作為新型設計之依據。本研究對星型棘輪位置與平台幾何形狀進行更動與實際測試,實際驗證出紙機構之設計分析的結果。

English Abstract

The development of borderless printer has been toward high-speed printing. The quality of printing has become the main criterion for the consumer to purchase a borderless printer. The factors related to printing quality include printing speed, reliability and stability. One of the direct factors that dominate the reliability and stability is the function of output mechanism. Therefore, the design of output mechanism is very important for a borderless printer. In this study, the output mechanisms from the available borderless printers and patents are analyzed and compared with each other to understand their design criteria, principles, advantages and disadvantages as well. The analysis of the stability on delivering paper at a current borderless printer has been performed through investigating the relations between the front star-wheels, the output rollers, and the geometries of printing platform. The results could be used as a reference for designing a borderless printer. This study has also altered the locations of star wheels and the geometry of the printing platen of a HP borderless printer according to the results from the analysis. The tests on the original and modified HP borderless printer have been performed to evaluate the results from the analysis. The testing results have confirmed the results of theoretical analysis.

Topic Category 機電學院 > 機電整合研究所
工程學 > 電機工程
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