汽車機能安全標準 ISO 26262之微控制器應用研究

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Automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 for the application of microcontroller



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ISO 26262 ; 機能安全 ; 微控制器 ; CMMI ; Safety element out of content ; ISO 26262 ; Functional safety ; Microcontroller ; CMMI ; Safety element out of content



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原本國際車界中關於電機電子系統的可靠性確保議題,皆屬於各家車廠的商業機密。但隨著而車輛複雜度日益上升的車電系統整合進傳統車輛框架中,及越來越嚴重大規模召回事件,國際車界已有共識必須合力定義車用電機電子系統的 基礎安全確保方法,這不只是保護消費者,也是保護車界的從業廠商- ISO 26262 (車輛機能安全:Functional Safety Automotive)便因此誕生,並被國際車界定義為當今上最前瞻的安全技術,可用以區分善盡產品責任與否之邊界。 安全一直是汽車產業非常關注的焦點,而隨著汽車電裝相關配件數量日益漸針對 車用安全改善的各式電裝配件也越來越多元化,如先進駕駛輔助系統(Advanced driver assistance systems;ADAS),防撞系統(Collision Avoidance System; CAS) 及馬達驅動控制器(Motor control units)等,其實這些系統必須要使用到高性能, 高安全及高可靠的微控制器(Microcontroller Unit;MCU) 來達到輔助駕駛車輛安全性為目的。因此本論文將提供如何透過ISO 26262 Safety element out of content方 式來發展微控制器使其符合機能安全設計要求使其產品在設計和原件選用上,有 遵循標準,並且提供如何將ISO26262與CMMI (Capability Maturity Model®, Integration,能力成熟度模式整合)結合,建立一個完整的機能安全管理流程使其 產品朝向高安全、高可靠及高品質之目標來符合ISO 26262標準。

English Abstract

The international vehicle community that how to sure reliability of E/E system issue are trade secrets belonging to various company. But the rising complexity of vehicle electronic systems are integrated into conventional vehicle and serious recall of event. The international vehicle industry must work together define how to sure safety of E/E system, it is not only protect consumer but also manufacturer. So it was born of functional safety standard ISO 26262, it define the world’s forward looking safety technology and can be used distinguish the product liability and boundary. Safety has been focus of concern to the automotive industry and number of automotive related parts increasing so a variety of safety improvement are increasing diversity, for example, advanced driver assistance systems;ADAS, collision Avoidance System; CAS and Motor control units. In fact, these system must be used high performance, safety and reliability microcontroller to achieve auxiliary driving safety. Therefore, this paper will provide how to through ISO 26262 safety element out of content development microcontroller to meet functional safety design requirement especially in product design and selection of parts. It will be provide that how to integrated ISO 26262 and Capability Maturity Model® Integration; CMMI and create a completion functional safety management that toward to high safety, reliability and quality target to meet ISO 26226 standard.

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