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Study on microcirculation of acupuncture point monitored by LDF signal





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雷射都卜勒血流計 ; 穴道 ; 微循環血流量 ; laser Doppler ; acupoint ; microcirculation flow



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中國醫學已有數千年的歷史,而經?悀峊瑐D是其中重要的一部份,本研究希望透過科學的角度,對於穴道點進行探索與討論,先前已有幾種判斷穴道及非穴道的方法,如皮膚的電阻抗及溫度的方法,本研究希望以微循環的觀點來對穴道及非穴道的差異進行判斷。 在實驗上微循環以雷射都卜勒血流計進行微循環血流量測,分別比較三組穴道及非穴道的微循環血流量,三組穴道分別為手部的合谷與陽溪、合谷與三間及腳部的京骨與束骨,從實驗結果中可得到穴道點的平均血流量會較非穴道點來的大,同時經由比對可看出其有明顯差異(p皆小於0.05) ,這代表穴道點上可能是血管樹叢之聚集處。

English Abstract

Meridian and acupuncture are important concept in Chinese traditional medicine. There have been many methods to observe the characteristics in acupoint, for example, electrical resistance or temperature measurement in human skin. In this study we try to extract the microcirculatory property of acupuncture point by laser Doppler flowmetry. We performed three groups of experiment to compare the measurement flux between acupoint and non-acupoint. Which include He-Gu(Li4) and Yang-Xi(Li5) in Group A, He-Gu and San-Jian(Li3) in Group B, and Jing-Gu(B46) and Shu-Gu(B45) in Group C. The results revealed that the average LDF flux signal on acupoint is larger than that on non-acupoint, with p all smaller than 0.05 by paired t-test. If implies that, there may exist a more abundant microcirculatory perfusion on acupoint.

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