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Strategy of Business Diversification in Taichung International Airport: the Case of Developing Business Aviation



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商務航空 ; 多角化 ; 臺中國際機場 ; SWOT ; 五力分析 ; PESTEL ; Business Aviation ; Diversification ; SWOT ; Five Forces Analysis ; PESTEL



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Chinese Abstract

全球化浪潮下,國際貿易不斷成長,大型企業商務人士使用商務飛機的需求拉升。臺灣民用航空運輸業(Commercial Aviation)之定期航班已逐漸無法滿足商業行為的需求,故民用航空法於2007年7月18日公布修正開放普通航空業(General Aviation)經營商務專機及國人使用自用航空器,目前臺灣的商務航空規模仍小,但地理位置居亞洲交通要塞,而臺中又位居臺灣絕佳的地理位置,加上臺中國際機場周圍有精密機械科技創新園區、中部科學園區與觀光資源等優勢,如何把握機會、善用資源,使臺灣成為商務航空業在亞洲的重要轉機地,進而促進國家經濟,是一極為重要的課題。本研究即透過對文獻的探討、產業市場資料的蒐集與產業界相關專家的半結構訪談結果,採用個案研究法、配合SWOT分析、五力分析及PESTEL理論做一綜合分析。研究結果發現商務航空仍屬於推動中的產業,本論文提出法規推動、硬體設施改善之建議,可供政府機關與航空業者或潛在進入者參考,希冀擴大臺中國際機場商務航空市場的發展,並進而對台灣商務航空市場產生貢獻。

English Abstract

By globalizing now, the international trading keeps increasing, so the businessmen demanding of fights are enormous. The routine flights of Commercial Aviation can’t meet the demand of business aviation any longer. Thus, the government allows General Aviation running the business of flights and using their own aircraft on Jul 18th 2007. Although the business flights scale is still not big enough in Taiwan, We still have potentiality to become thriving especially for Taichung, because Taiwan is located in a very important and convenient place of Asia. Moreover, Taichung is in the middle of Taiwan, and there is an international airport, Taichung City Precision Machinery Innovation Technology Park and Central Taiwan Science Park as well and there are not only economic parts but also lots of sightseeing place. It’s what an important thing for us to develop Taiwan into a business transport by making good use of what we have. This research is about investing the literatures, collecting the statistics from industries and interview with industrial experts. We use individual study with SWOT Analysis, Porter five forces analysis, and PESTEL Analysis. By doing the study, we found that the Commercial Aviation is developing. In the study, we suggest promoting the related laws and improving facilities and equipment for the government, aviation, and potential investor. Hope the study is able to have contribution to the developing of Commercial Aviation of Taichung international airport.

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