硬體與軟體整合的系統可靠度與 可用度預測與改善

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Integrated Hardware and Software System Reliability and Availability Prediction and Improvement Techniques



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開發階段可靠度、可靠度預測、整合性軟、硬體可靠度、馬可夫可靠度與可用度模型 ; Reliability Prediction ; Design Phase Reliability ; Integrated Hardware and Software Reliability. Markov Reliability and Availability Model



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Products with integrated software and hardware become popular in our daily life as electronic technology innovates in fast speed. In product development phase, prediction of its reliability and availability is often needed for determination on getting forward to next development step or getting ready to the market deployment. Integrated hardware and software system reliability and availability analysis plays a key role on decision making during product development. In the past, researches focus mainly on hardware or software reliability individually. There are relatively few studies on integrated hardware and software system reliability analysis. Furthermore, the majority of system reliability and availability analyses assume that components failure rates and repair rates are constant. In reality, software failure rate in product development phase is mostly a time variant parameter. To reflect the characteristics of software and hardware failures and consider the requirements of approximation accuracy and calculation simplicity, this study assumes that software failure rate in development phase is a time dependent function, hardware failure rate is a constant function in response to hardware failure characteristics during its useful life period, and constant repair rates for hardware and software. The analysis steps of this study can be established as: applying reliability block diagram to represent system reliability framework, using Markov reliability and availability models and combinatorial reliability analysis as main research methods, and then building up integrated software and hardware reliability and availability prediction models for analysis and prediction of product software and hardware integrated system reliability and availability.

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