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The development of lane departure detection system using OpenCV4Android



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Canny ; OpenCV4Android ; 車道偵測系統 ; Lane Detection System ; OpenCV4Android ; Canny



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隨著智慧型手機的快速發展,帶來幾乎可取代部分電腦功能的便利性,造就手機開放性發展的同時能提供良好的契機,所以智慧型手機的軟體應用程式開發已經引起許多研究人員與開發者的重視。本研究以車道偏移偵測系統為主軸,利用Android系統為平台,開發一套行車駕駛輔助系統,讓駕駛者即時了解自己的駕駛狀態,降低駕駛者發生危險與傷害的可能性。本系統是利用OpenCV4Android SDK為開發工具,藉由其所提供的邊緣偵測演算法,建置針對彎道與直線車道辨識App,進而計算出道路中間導引線,並在高速公路進行實地測試。本研究詳實紀錄目前實驗成果與討論未來改善目標,以期達到有效輔助駕駛者之行車安全。

English Abstract

With the rapid development of smart phones, it has almost replaced some computer functions. Developing of mobile phones can provide a good opportunity, so smart phone software application development has caused great attentions by many researchers and developers. In my research, the spindle of this Lane Detection System uses Android platform of mobile device to develop driving assistant systems which help drivers to handle their driving condition, provide a slow-down sound signal when in need, and to reduce the possible risks and injuries of each driver. The system also uses OpenCV4Android SDK development tools, via their edge detection methods to create an App of Lane Detection for urban and straight lanes, furthermore, to calculate the middle line of the road, and to do many experimental tests on the highway according to different weather conditions.The research has recorded the actual outcomes of the experiments, also sought the future improvement in order to achieve effective traffic safety of motorists.

Topic Category 工學院 > 電子工程研究所
工程學 > 電機工程
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