高危險性工作之人為失誤與安全分析 ─以爆竹工廠為例─

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Safety and Human Error Analysis of High-risk Work Environments-With Focus on Pyrotechnics Factories





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爆炸 ; 危險作業站 ; 工程心理 ; 爆竹煙火 ; 人為失誤 ; hazardous workst ; firecrackers and fireworks ; explosion



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Chinese Abstract

國內使用爆竹煙火情形極為普遍,舉凡民俗迎神賽會、祭祖、豐年慶、喜慶重大節目、政治選舉期間,無不用之以增加、炒熱氣氛,而炸藥和煙火物料是近代科技獨一無二,威力強大的產物,由於具有多種視聽特別效果且用途又廣泛,深受政、商、演藝及宗教界各項活動之青睞,惟其成品及半成品破壞力之強大,若處理不慎均足以致命。 爆竹煙火原料購買容易,不需依賴複雜精密之機器設備製造,業者莫不大量生產以應需求。又因原料、產品具有先天不安全之危險,加上部分業者生產設備簡陋,安全設備缺乏以及產業無一標準作業流程等,再加上工作人員欠缺安全觀念欠缺,以致於製造過程中之危險性相對增加。自民國83年統計26家迄今,合法開工的爆竹煙火工廠僅剩12家,惟與適用勞工安全衛生法之事業單位相比較,雖僅佔極小部分。然因其具有相當危險性,歷年發生多次災害事故,多為爆炸及火災型態,結果往往造成工作人員或無辜民眾生命及財務嚴重損失,並且影響社會安全甚鉅。 有鑑於此,本研究希望藉諸學理深入進行探討,融合層級分析(Analytic Hierarchy Process; AHP)系統找出爆竹煙火業最具危害程度之工作站,並以工程心理學剖析工作站有關人為失誤之關鍵因素,採取對症下藥模式提供解決方案,期使該產業之業者有據可循,進而減少工業安全事件發生,消弭工作人員及無辜民眾生命及財產危安事故。

English Abstract

Fireworks and firecrackers are widely used in Taiwan to enhance festive moods, especially during deity-ushering events, ancestor worship days, harvest festivals, weddings, major celebrations, political campaigns etc. Due to the unique power and audio-visual effects of these pyrotechnic products, they are popular among organizers of political, commercial, show-business, and religious events. These products and semi-finished products, however, pose catastrophic and lethal danger if not handled with care. The raw materials for fireworks and firecrackers are easily accessible, and production of these goods does not require sophisticated machinery, so manufacturers mass-produce to meet popular demands. The hazard lies in the facts that the materials and finished products are inherently unstable, that some of the machinery needs updated, that few safety equipments are in place, that workers lack safety education, and that the industry has not instituted a standard manufacturing process. There are only 12 legal pyrotechnics factories in 2007, down from 26 in 1994. This figure seems negligible compared to other industries that pose safety and public health threat to laborers, but due to the explosive nature of fireworks facilities, a breach of safety measure can often result in explosions and fires, maiming or killing employees and residents in the vicinity. The risks are too significant to ignore. In light of the risks involved, I would like to delve into the industry from various academic angles, utilizing analytic hierarchy process to identify its most hazardous workstations, analyzing key factors in human error from engineering psychology’s point of view, in the hope that the number of industrial accidents will be minimized and loss of human lives and property will be avoided.

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工程學 > 工程學總論
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