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The Exploratory Study of Job Stress and Intention to Retain the Job for Homosexual Employees-Selected Restaurant Industry for Example





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同性戀 ; 工作壓力 ; 留任意願 ; homosexual ; job stress ; intention



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The main purpose of this study were: (1) Analysis of the homosexual employees’ job stress perception in restaurant industry. (2) Analysis of homosexual employees’ intention to retain the job in restaurant industry. (3) To find out whether the job stress will affect the homosexual employees’ intention to retain the job in restaurant industry. Using a snowball sampling technique, total of resulted in 210 valid surveys questionnaires. At first, the respondents were profiled. Factor analysis was conducted to examine the dimensions of job stress and intention of retaining the job. Furthermore, multiple regression analysis was used to examine the influence of working stress and their intention to retain the job. According to the results, job stress and intention to retain a job were significant influenced to homosexual employees’ willingness. The homosexual employees with different personal profile, on the intention of retaining a job has obvious divergence; as well as on the job stress, the homosexual employees who with different personal profile also have apparent divergence in some area. In the end of the article, we proposed the conclusion and suggestions which provide to owners as reference for improving their management achievement.

Topic Category 人文學 > 地理及區域研究
餐旅學院 > 餐旅管理研究所在職專班
社會科學 > 管理學
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