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The Effects of Teaching Games for Understanding on Tchoukball Learning among junior High School Students



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理解式球類教學法 ; 巧固球 ; 學習效果 ; 知覺 ; Teaching Games for Undertanding(TGfU) ; tchoukball ; learning effects ; perception



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The purpose of this study was to investigate the learning effects of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) on tchoukball learning among the junior high school students. The study also aimed at examining the different learning effects among the students with different skill levels. This study used a mixed methodology to examine the learning effects of TGfU through six weeks of 12 lessons of tchoukball instruction. Thirty-seven junior high school students (19 males and 18 females) volunteered to participate in this study. Pretest and posttest were administrated using cognitive test, objective and subjective skill test, affective test, and Game Performance Assessment Instrument (GPAI). The quantitative data were analyzed by pair-samples t test and independent t test. The qualitative data were collected by semistructured interviews and analyzed using constant comparison method. The results were as follows: (1) There were significant learning effects on cognitive, affective, objective skill and game performance for all students. (2) The learning effects on gender were not significantly different on cognitive, affective, objective skill and game performance. (3) Students thought that they showed obvious progress in tchoukball learning and positive attitude about TGfU teaching. They also wished that TGfU could be used in other sports. (4) The teacher pointed out that if students had a better understanding of the concept, it would motivate their motivation and interests, and enhance their achievement. Through teamwork, the effect of learning was improved. The teacher approved to the promotion of TGfU application in school. The findings of this study could be used as a base of reference for physical education teachers, teacher education and other related units in selecting physical education teaching method, as well as the set up of database and website of TGfU.

Topic Category 運動與休閒學院 > 體育學系在職進修碩士班
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