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國民中學 ; 電腦課程 ; 課程內涵 ; 德懷術 ; junior high school ; computer curriculum ; Content of Curriculum ; Delphi



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中文摘要 本研究主要目的為探討並分析國民中學電腦課程內涵之重要程度,以建構國民中學電腦課程內涵,並依據研究結論提陳建議,作為學校及電腦教師對電腦課程內涵選用之參考。 本研究採用德懷術研究方法以達成研究目的,研究者蒐集相關文獻分析探討,初擬「國民中學電腦課程內涵」問卷,並進行德懷術專家小組三次問卷調查。小組成員以電腦科技教育專家學者以及國民中學電腦教師各6位組成,調查所得的資料,運用平均數、中位數、四分差來評定每個題項之重要程度和意見集中及離散的情形。最後一次問卷所得之結果並採用柯-史單一樣本考驗法進行無母數檢定,以探求專家及教師對各題項的看法之一致性。 本研究所得結論如下: 一、電腦科技已融入於日常生活,瞭解電腦的基本操作是現代國民邁入資訊化社會的重要基本能力。 二、經三次德懷術後獲致適用於現階段國中電腦課程的11章34單元內涵,課程總時數為96小時。 三、相關「電腦的發展」、「電腦的BIOS設定」、「標準單位說明」及「資料庫」等單元內容較深,不適合國中現階段教學,宜安排在高中電腦課程。 最後並依據研究結論,分別對學校、教師及未來如何進行國中電腦教學提出建議。 關鍵詞:國民中學,電腦課程,課程內涵,德懷術

English Abstract

Abstract The main purposes of this study were to Investigate and analyze the degree of importance for the content of junior high school computer curriculum. According to the results of the research, the researcher set forth recommendations that concerning about the selection of content for the computer curriculum for schools and teachers to consider. This study made use of Delphi method to accomplish the research objectives. The researcher collected related documents and carried out an analytical investigation questionnaire. This questionnaire “The Content of Public Junior School Computer Curriculum,” carried out Delphi three times for the expert team. The expert team is consisted of 6 computer educational professors and 6 public junior high school computer teachers. The Mean, Median, and Quartile Deviation for the data obtained from the survey were used to assess the degree of importance for each question item as well as the circumstances of the centralization or dispersal of the opinions. The results obtained from the final questionnaire utilized the One Sample Test of Kolmogorov-Smironov for the testing in order to find out whether or not the experts’ and teachers’ viewpoints on each question item had significant variations. The research results are listed below: 1. Computer technology as already blended into everyday life. Understanding basic computer operations is a basic ability for our nation’s current generation in moving towards an information society. 2. After going through the Delphi questionnaire three times, there were finally only 11 chapters with 34 units that were comparatively suitable for the current stage of junior high school computer curriculum. The total class time was set at 96 hours. 3. For those 4 units, the computer development, the explanation of computer BIOS’s setting, standard unit, and databases, the content was relatively hard and not suitable for the current stage of junior high school instruction. It would be more suitable to be arranged for senior high school computer curriculum. Finally, in accordance with the research findings, recommendations will be addressed for the junior high schools, and the junior high schools’ teachers. Keywords: junior high school, computer curriculum, Content of Curriculum, Delphi

Topic Category 科技學院 > 工業教育學系在職進修碩士班
工程學 > 工程學總論
社會科學 > 教育學
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