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An Investigation of Pneumatic Bidirectional Microfluid Driving System



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氣動式 ; 驅動系統 ; 微流體 ; 微流道 ; Driving System ; Pneumatic ; Microchannel ; Microfluid



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This research studies the design of pneumatic driving systems for bidirectional flow control in microchannels. A pneumatic driving system uses an external air compressor as the power source. It induces a pressure difference across the microchannels by driving compressed air through specially designed air passages. The pressure difference provides either a suction force or an exclusion force to drive the microfluid in the channel. If the driving system is capable of generating only one kind of force, either suction or exclusion, then both ends of the microchannel must be connected to a driving unit in order to acquire bidirectional flow control. If the driving is capable of generating both kinds of force, then the microchannel requires only a single driving unit at one end for bidirectional flow control. The research uses computational fluid dynamics as a tool to examine the various geometric parameters of pneumatic driving systems. New designs are proposed based on the computational results. Finally, experiments are conducted on microchannels of 1 mm × 1 mm cross section to verify the validity of the new designs.

Topic Category 工學院 > 航空太空工程學系
工程學 > 交通運輸工程
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