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Design of Grid-Connected Hybrid Multilevel Inverter



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混合多階換流器 ; 市電併聯 ; Hybrid Multi-level Inverter ; Grid-tied system



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本文提出混合多階換流器以3個不同直流鏈電流換流器利用串聯方式產生13階的電壓階層,以降低輸出電壓和電流失真及功率晶體的電壓應力與切換速度,進而減少電磁干擾(EMI, Electro Magnetic Interference)對負載輸出時所產生正弦波的干擾。 所提出之混合多階換流器於獨立型系統可有效降低因負載變動、整流性負載、相位控制負載所造成的失真;應用於市電併聯時可減少輸出電流漣波,產生低諧波失真之正弦電流輸出。

English Abstract

This thesis proposed a hybrid multi-level inverters having 3 inverters in series with distinct dc link voltages to generate 13 voltage levels in order to reduce output voltage and current distortion and power switch stress and switching frequency. Therefore, EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) can be alleviated due to lower switching frequency. The experiments are conducted to show the performance of the proposed hybrid multi-level inverters that in stand-alone system to reduce the voltage distortion significantly in load-variation, rectifier load, and phase-controlled load conditions; for the grid-tied system, the output current is closed to sinusoidal waveform and current ripple is reduced as well.

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工程學 > 電機工程
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