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New Variables for AC Simulation of 1–D Semiconductor Devices



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在這篇論文中,我們使用新變數來處理一維元件之AC模擬,同時,使用兩種方法來執行模擬,其一是經由內部模擬器來進行,另一個是經由外部模擬器,也就是我們實驗室所開發的AC_CKT 電路模擬器來執行。我們會介紹AC_CKT的使用方法並用幾個範例來介紹輸入檔的撰寫格式,然後我們以一個金氧半電晶體來做驗證,在不同頻率下量測其C-V曲線,最後比較兩種方法得到的模擬結果。

English Abstract

In this thesis, we use new variables to process 1-D device ac simulation. We develop two methods for ac simulation. One is through the internal ac solver. The other is through AC_CKT simulator which is developed by our group. We will introduce the AC_CKT simulator and use some examples to show how to write the input file for the AC_CKT simulator. Then, we use an MOS capacitor as an example to measure the C-V curve under different frequencies. Finally, we will compare the simulation results of the two methods.

Topic Category 資訊電機學院 > 電機工程學系
工程學 > 電機工程
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