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IP67 Waterproof Tablet Design Research



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IP67防水平板電腦設計研究 ; IP67 Waterproof Tablet Design Research



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Chinese Abstract

本論文主要是研究IP67防水帄板電腦最佳化設計,設計為可在嚴苛使用環境下使用(包含可泡在水下1M),同時驗證設計後的結構所需通過的測詴規範,方式及將設計時所發現問題解析後歸納出設計此類工、軍規格電腦系統時,可預先在設計時避免。 研究步驟先對IP規範介紹,再從設計流程及運算,說明如何設計,確認設計數值後,導入實驗測詴流程以驗證研究的結果是否符合預期,最後將設計時所遇到的問題包含防水設計重點/螢幕顯示器(LCD) 破裂分析的方法/防水條的干涉值設計做結論,以期可以清楚明瞭本研究的研究成果。 目前業界並無相關的研究,導至設計此類電腦時,僅先設定一防水材料在系統界面後,再以逐項測詴的方式測詴到系統可防水,其缺點除了耗時外,對發生問題後常無法找到重點及方向解決,因此解決問題的能力大為降低而無效果;因此個人在此論文的研究中,冀望能有系統且依據學理將防水設計及測詴,找出設計的方法,做為未來的設計依據。

English Abstract

The desertation research for mainly kinds of machine which it’s studies for IP67 waterproofing tablet computer optimization improve design, the designs for user who will using this machine on draconian environment (that itr’s will including soak into submarine 1M), also, I will verify the design must through the test specification simultaneously and the design concept issue analysis, the prupose will provide some engineer design reference when designs this kind of specification computer system. The presentation will introduct IP specification and let we know what is it mean, the description also introduce design process and counting for deformation foce by Mechanical behavior of materials to find out the water resistant of material interference to design refer /LCD broken analysis/rubber interference design etc. . I expect could let engineer who will know this research prupose and conclusion.So far,we have no found any research for water resistant,So ,when engineer design water resistant computer have no right direction or just design a seal between two kinds of material,then they just spend a lot of times to do same experiment for solution find out. The defect was waste more time in test process and can’t found right solution at once. So, the research according to stress theory for design concept and critical ~ III ~ issue analysis (the purpose would like defines a procedure for industry and military computer design reference).

Topic Category 工學院 > 機械工程研究所碩士在職專班
工程學 > 機械工程
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