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Establish the Personnel Evaluation And Selection Criteria For Operator Of Military Fuel By Using Analytic Hierarchy Planning (AHP)



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油料化驗、人員評選、層級分析法(AHP)、KJ法 ; Military Fuel Analysis ; Personnel Evaluation and Selection ; Analytic Hierarchy Planning (AHP) ; KJ Method



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Historically, the key point of final winner of war is dependent on military member’s quantity and quality. After industrial revolution, some precision-guided weapons were developed and produced, such as artilleries, missiles, satellite weapons, and chemical biological munitions. How to utilize those weapons function thoroughly, not only depend on its system, but also need the quality of operator and the capability of maintenance and service. Recently, Ministry of National Defense conduct shakeout policy and purchasing new precision weapons, the high quality and excellent manpower are more important than before. This study’s purpose is to establish an objective personnel evaluation and selection criteria for operator of military fuel. Firstly, interviewed some experts who has sufficient experience in military fuel analysis and management, in order to find out those criteria of evaluation and selection. And then, categorize the criteria by KJ Method to construct the level structure. Finally, arrange the weighting of criteria by Analytic Hierarchy Planning (AHP) and summit that information to Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces or supervisor for future recruitment.

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