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Applying Lacquer Art and Vietnam’s Traditional Culture in Clothing Design





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漆器文化、漆油、漆器、服飾設計 ; Lacquer culture、Lacquer oil、Lacquer painting、Clothing design



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Chinese Abstract

漆器藝術在亞洲代表一種傳統文化的精神之美,已被研究並應用於高附加價值的藝術品,且成為世界文化遺產的一部分。因此,本研究的目的是藉由比較越南與台灣漆器藝術的差異,探討其獨特的觀點並將其應用在服飾設計上。 本研究利用資料蒐集、製程與工具探討、材料與顏色的觀察分析等方法,將漆器製作之主要材料,包括漆油、色粉、金箔、銀箔、蛋殼與貝殼等,應用於服飾作品之創作。同時本創作萃取出越南傳統文化中代表信仰的獨特圖像”仙鶴站立在神龜上”,並轉換應用於服飾創作,以表現出人们對長壽、智慧及好運氣的渴望。 本研究結果發現漆油、色粉與香蕉油的最佳調配比率為3:3:4,且塗佈層數以2層為佳,如此即可應用於服飾創作上,並可保有服飾應有的柔軟性與延伸性;最後,本研究共創作以”永恆的熱忱”為系列名稱主題共10套的女性服飾及相關配飾。

English Abstract

Lacquer art represents the spiritual beauty of traditional cultures in Asia and has been researched and applied to create high value-added works as well as it has been mentioned as one of the heritage of the world. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to explore a unique view on lacquer painting by comparing its differences in Vietnam and it in Taiwan. Afterwards, I applied it in clothing design. I fulfilled my research based on the methods including data collection, investigation of process and implement of lacquer painting, observation and analysis of color and material. Additionally, the main materials, which are lacquer oil, color powder, egg-shell, shell pearl, gold leaf, silver leaf, were applied in my works. Moreover, I extracted a unique image, the crane standing on the back of turtle, from the traditional culture of Vietnam. It, standing for faith, was presented in the temples, pagodas, tombs in Vietnam and further transferred and applied in my works for the aspiration of longevity, intelligence and good luck. The results were shown that the best mixing ratio of lacquer oil, color power and banana oil is 3:3:4, and a preferable painting layer is 2 layers. Consequently, I can achieve a unique lacquer painting fabric with suitable softness and stretch. Finally, I completed my collection named “Eternal Passion” with total of 10 costumes and some related accessories.

Topic Category 人文學 > 藝術
設計學院 > 應用設計研究所
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