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Study of the Chinese Herb Bletilla Striata on Wound Healing


賴東淵(Tung-Yuan Lai);陳怡廷(Yi-Ting Chen);陳悅生(Yueh-Sheng Chen);林景彬(Jing-Pin Lin);蔡企川(Chin-Chuan Tsai);陳德勛(Ter-Hsin Chen);江烈欽(Leih-Chin Chiang)

Key Words

白芨 ; 皮膚傷口癒合 ; Bletilla striata ; Skin wound repair



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1卷3期(2002 / 09 / 01)

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36 - 41

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Chinese Abstract

皮膚損傷常見於各種外傷或疾病, 倒如挫傷、燒傷、燙傷、糖尿病、褥瘡、傷口久不癒合等。一個暴露的傷口不僅造成疼痛,也成為外來做生物入侵的管道。在面積較大而且深及其皮層的傷口中,因傷口癒合較慢,導致癒合使出現瘢痕攣縮,甚至影響功能及美觀。 在傳統中醫藥白笈常用於止血、胃、十二指腸潰瘍、皮膚燒燙傷,具有止血、去腐生肌的功效。所以在本實驗中選擇白芨為主要藥物,探討白芨對深層皮膚損傷癒合的作用。 本實驗以不同濃度的白芨水溶液, 對天竺鼠背部深層皮膚損傷癒合之影響。結果顯示:在生理食鹽水、10%白芨水溶液、20%白芨水溶液三組中,於術後三天, 10%白芨水溶液及20%白笈水溶液,能明顯促進肉芽組織生長;在術後第五天、七天組中10%白芨水溶液及20%白芨水溶液與控制組相比,有明顯促進角質細胞移行、增加血管新生、肉芽組織生長的能力, 尤其以20%白芨水溶液組更加明顯。

English Abstract

Patients with full-thickness burns or after excision of large areas of skin usually suffer from a sub-stantial loss of dermal tissue﹒In general, these wounds are repaired with split-skin grafts. Cultured human epithelial autografts (CEA) are alternatives for wound closure. Injury tissue also can be repaired by covering with a non-medicated or medicated wound dressing. In addition wound dressing can be used for skin lesion, such as burn injury, surgical wounds and chronic ulcer. The Chinese herb Bletilla striata has been used to treatment of peptic ulcer and cutaneous wound in clinic. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of Bletilla striata gel (10%, 20%) on repairing the dermal damages of skin in guinea pigs. Results showed that Bletilla striata gel (10%, 20%) could promote keratinocytes migration, angiogenesis, and granulation of tissue formation.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 中醫藥學