“紅高戈-Spatholobus parviflorus O. Ktze. FABACEA ”之急性毒性試驗

Translated Titles

Assessment of Acute Toxicity of "Red Kwao keur"




蔡金川(C C Tsai);陳桐彬(T B Chen);劉重民(J G Lin);黃柏憲(P S Huang);蔡志仁(C Y Chai);康婉儀(W Y Kang )

Key Words

高顆 ; 急性毒性 ; 半數致死劑量LD50 ; 生化影響 ; Red Kwao Keur-Spatholobus parviflorus O. Ktze. FABACEA ; Acute toxicity ; Dose for semi-mortalityLD50 ; Biochemical changes



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1卷3期(2002 / 09 / 01)

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56 - 66

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Chinese Abstract

本論文探討紅高戈“Spatholobus parviflorus O. Ktze. FABACEA”對小白鼠之急性毒性評估,採用Litchfield and Wilcoxon 方法,以ICR 雌雄兩性小鼠進行口服單劑量之短期試驗,觀察小鼠死亡數目及中毒情形以計算急性毒性之半數致死劑量(LD50)。此外,觀察期結束後摘採血液,檢測血清生化指標。結果:急性毒性試驗中,雌雄分組中皆無死亡,其半數致死劑量為每公斤大於10.0公克,顯示紅高戈水抽出物毒性甚小。生化指標探討包括肝、腎及代謝等功能方面也顯示無負面之影響。

English Abstract

The evaluation of acute toxicity of ”Red Kwao Keur” on ICR mice (both sex) was conducted using the method of Litchfield and Wilcoxon. All the animals were continuously observed for 72 hours for toxicological responses and mortality, therefore calculating the dose of semi-mortality (LD50). After 72 hour, all the animals were sacrificed and the sera were used to determine the biochemical functions, including liver functions (GOT, GPT), renal functions (BUN, Creatinine and uric acid), metabolic functions (triglyceride, cholesterol and glucose).As a result, the crude extract of ”Red Kwao Keur” did not cause any death in mice when administered orally in a dose up to 10.0g/kg, meaning that toxicity for Red K wao Keur is very small (LD50>10.0g/kg). In addition, it also did not produce significant toxicological response and serum biochemical data.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 中醫藥學