Aircraft Emergency Delivery of a Premature Infant during an Aero-medical Evacuation-Case Report

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謝屈平(Khoot-Peng Cheah);蔡卓城(Cheuk-Sing Choy);邱文達(Wen-Ta Chiu);曾昭文(Chiu-Man Tang);蔡行瀚(Shin-Han Tsai)

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機艙內生產 ; 早產 ; aircraft ; delivery ; premature


Journal of Emergency Medicine, Taiwan

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6卷4期(2004 / 12 / 01)

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433 - 437

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Chinese Abstract

2003年6月23日,一位懷孕三十周安胎中孕婦,在由金門轉送臺北飛行途中的固定翼機艙內緊急產下一名2,230公克女嬰。Apgar score l分鐘和5分鐘,分別是6和9分。該名十九歲孕婦在6月21日因子宮早期收縮住進金門縣立醫院進行安胎。由於安胎情況不良及考慮早產胎兒照護問題,病人欲由金門轉送臺北某醫學中心進一步治療。而此轉送任務由國際SOS醫療團隊執行。途中一切順利直到飛機降落前數分鐘,孕婦緊急早產,結果母女平安。

English Abstract

A 2,230 gm premature female infant was safely delivered onboard a fixed-wing aircraft during an evacuation flight from Kinmen to Taipei on the 23(superscript rd) of June 2003. The Apgar score was 6 and 9 at 1 and 5 minutes, respectively. The infant's 19 years old mother was at 30 weeks estimated gestation age (EGA) before she suffered premature uterine contractions on the 21(superscript st) June. She was admitted to the Kinmen County Hospital where tocolytic therapy was given immediately. She was then transferred to a tertiary medical center in Taipei, owing to her premature condition. Aero-medical evacuation by an International SOS medical team went smoothly until minutes before landing. Emergency delivery of the baby was performed and both mother and baby were in stable conditions.

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