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Synthetic Approach for Technology College Education and General Education in Knowledge Economic Era




蘇金豆(King-Dow Su)

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知識經濟 ; 技職教育 ; 通識教育 ; 科學-技學-社會學 ; 永續經營 ; knowledge-based economy ; college education ; general education ; science-technology society ; substantial management



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3期(2003 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 10

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Chinese Abstract

科技始終來自於人性,專業與人文素養實爲一體兩面,不可偏廢。值此經濟發展快速,科技日新月異的知識經濟時代,技職教育不應只是專業教育,也應是整合科學-技學-社會學的通識綜合化教育,此乃本研究的目的。 爲達研究目的,本研究擬透過文獻分析與歸納,了解起居室對技職教育未來的展望及期待,並將專業教育通識化,使科技與人文相結合,培育出具基礎與通識能力的恢弘視野,實現美國教育學家杜威所說:「教育即生活」的最高境界,以確保永續經營的競爭力。

English Abstract

Technology always comes from human nature. It is not separated between profession and humanism. We will face the rapid economic development and progress of science and technology, in an era of the knowledge-based economy. Professional education should emphasize not only special education but also synthetic general education, which will integrate science-technology society. It is the main purpose of this study. In order to fulfill the purpose of this study, the related literatures are reviewed to establish the theoretical framework, to understand the future and expectation of technology college education, to aim at general education, to integrate technology and humanism, and to cultivate the perspective with basic and general education, as American educator John Dewey once said: “Education is life,” to maintain the competition of substantial management.

Topic Category 人文學 > 人文學綜合
社會科學 > 社會科學綜合
社會科學 > 教育學
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