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Boxing Injures and Chinese Medicine Ancient Book




林仁彬(Zen-Pin Lin);王中原(Zhong-Yuan Wang);張聰榮(Tsung-Rong Jang);何宗融(Tsung-Jung Ho)

Key Words

運動傷害 ; 拳擊 ; 中醫 ; sport injury ; boxing ; TCM



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7期(2008 / 12 / 01)

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87 - 96

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Chinese Abstract

拳擊在國際競技運動項目中是一種為人耳熟能詳的運動。拳擊是雙手戴上特製的柔軟手套,在一定規則下,兩人互相進行攻擊防衛的一項對抗運動。而今拳擊運動發展的主要限制是拳擊運動所造成的傷害,對於發展拳擊運動,傷害是不可不正視的問題,如何與醫學結合達到防護與治療的目的,使運動傷害降到最低,令拳擊運動,使其延續下去。文中討論腦挫傷與憂鬱症之關係,另闡述中醫古籍中治療有關拳擊運動傷害有關之醫治,如:頭骨、下巴等部位之扭挫傷…等。故中醫可運用於運動傷害處理 是不爭之事實,因此期待中醫醫療未來能夠在比賽及日常訓練中供場邊醫師及教練、防護員作實際之運用。

English Abstract

Boxing is a kind of sport that what's frequently heard can be repeated in detail in the sports events of international sports. Boxing is that both hands wear the soft glove, under certain rule, two people attack a sport of opposing defended each other. The main restriction of development of boxing is the injury that a boxing causes now, for developing the boxing, injury is a question. How to combine and achieve protecting with medical science with the therapeutic purpose, reduce sport injury, boxing of making, make it go on. Besides, it was mentioned about treating sport injury of Boxing in the ancient book of Chinese medicine. So Chinese medicine can be applied to the sport injury and dealt with it is the fact. In future, we hope that Chinese medicine medical treatment can apply to a match.

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