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An Analysis of Sexuality Attitude and Related Factors for Special School Teachers of Students with Mental Retardation in Taiwan




周俊良(Chun-Liang Chou);李新民(Hsing-Ming Lee);陳宗田(Tsung-Tien Chen)

Key Words

啓智學校教師 ; 性態度 ; 性教育 ; 性別角色 ; public special schools for students with mental retardation ; sexuality education ; sexuality attitudes ; gender role



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23期(2006 / 06 / 01)

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1 - 26

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Chinese Abstract

本研究旨在發展教師性態度量表,以探討我國啓智學校教師之性態度,與其不同因素構面的差異情形。本研究採問卷調查方式,自編「啓智學校教師性態度量表」進行,以臺灣地區9所啓智學校教師為取樣對象,共發出350份問卷,有效回收問卷281份。利用驗證性因素分析、相依樣本變異數分析、多變量變異數分析,以及多元迴歸分析,探掘啓智學校教師性態度發現: 1.啓智學校教師性態度為一多向度的心理構念。 2.啓智學校教師在不同因素構面的性態度有顯著差異。 3.不同性別屬性啓智學校教師的性態度有顯著差異。 4.較高特教專業學歷教師性態度愈趨正向。 5.啓智學校教師性的相關經驗影響教師性態度。 最後,根據研究結果提出具體建議,以供特殊教育相關單位或同道參考。

English Abstract

The main purpose of this study is to develop a scale of sexual attitude, and explore the sexual attitude of those teachers serving in Taiwan public special schools for students with mental retardation (MR hereafter). The approach of questionnaire survey was employed to investigate 281 school teachers for students with mental retardation with a self-developed ”A Scale on Sexual Attitude of Teachers Serving in Special Schools for Students with Mental Retardation”. Three hundred and fifty questionnaires were sent out randomly with 281 valid returns. The main findings of this study were as follows: 1. The sexuality attitude of those teachers serving in schools for students with MR is a multidimensional psychological construct concept. 2. In terms of different dimension of sexual attitudes, those teachers serving in schools for students with MR have either positive or negative attitude. 3. In regard to different genders, those teachers serving in schools for students with MR tended to have diverse sexuality attitudes. 4. As to specialized training, the higher of special education degree those teachers were, the more positive of sexual attitudes are. 5. Those teachers with various sexual experiences affect their sexual attitudes. These research results can be taken as references to special educational authorities, and further provide suggestions for future research.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 教育學
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