Vibration of Laminated Cross-Ply Cylindrical Shell Panels

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陳文吉(Wen-Chi Chen)

Key Words

Vibration ; Laminated cross-ply ; Shell panel ; Shear deformation State-space



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1993(1993 / 06 / 01)

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279 - 289

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This study is concerned with the free vibration of laminated cross-ply, symmetric and antisymmetric, cylindrical shell panels. A modified first-order shear deformation shell theory (Herrmann-Mirsky) is employed to investigate the Levy-type solutions of natural frequencies. The pair of curved edges of cylindrical shell panels are simply supported and the straight ones are the arbitrary combination of simply supported, clamped, or free. A new fundamental matrix is derived by using the formulation of state-space concept. The corresponding state vector is composed of ten state variables, including three displacements, two rotations, three shearing/normal forces, and two twisting/bending moments. Each of the above is of the physical meaning. The fundamental matrix derived in the present study is inconsistent to that given in Ref. [13] due to the different state vector adopted. This perhaps causes a slightly different trend in the comparison of numerical results. In addition, the rank of submatrix, whose determinant determining the natural frequency, Has been reduced from 10 to 5. So that, the computing time is shorter and the precision of computation is more easily kept. The influencing parameters examined in the present study are radius-to-arc_length ratio, length-to-thickness ratio, aspect ratio, moduli ratio, and boundary conditions. In order to show the accuracy of the present results, some numerical data are compared with existing ones and found to give a good agreement.

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