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Design Analysis of Two Type Mounting Systems below 10g Used Onboard Ships




王偉輝(W. H. Wang);郭信川(H. C. Kuo);楊劍東(C. T. Yang)

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1994(1994 / 06 / 01)

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143 - 152

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艦用避震系統乃按裝於裝備件與船體結構座間之介面,用以隔絕或減輕因艦體所受振動、爆震及噪音之傳遞,保護裝備在10g以下之震波均不致喪失功能。 本文擬探討兩種習用之艦艇裝備之避震系統,即降伏帶(Yield strap)及X型彈性座(x-mount),並分析其力學行為,建立該二種系統之力-變形關係,以作為設計選用避震器之依據。 文中並擬對艦體可能遭受之爆震波譜特性及裝備重量、重心與避震器設計參數間關係,加以探討以便實用。

English Abstract

The mounting system for naval use is an interface between a piece of equipment and the ship seating on which it is insalled, permitting relative deflections under various circumstances. It must keep equipment in a well defined position to reduce the transmission of vibrations and noise under the shock loading. The behaviour of two types of usual used mounting system, named x-mount and yield stiap, are analysed in this paper. Meanwhile the load-deformation relation for each system is established for the purpose of design and selection application. The possible attacking shock wave spectrum subjected by naval vessels are shown up and so as to set up the design loop algrorith between shock loading and the design parameters of mounting system.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 市政與環境工程
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